“Customers love it”

Tom Menke and crew opening up his Polar Station location in St. Louis
Tom Menke and crew opening up his Polar Station location in St. Louis
Tom Menke, one of Polar Station’s first clients and a satisfied station owner, started his Polar Ice and Water Station just over a year ago in St. Louis, Mo.

His business has been so successful in that short time period that he is already thinking of putting in another one. He started his first station on land owned by relatives near a family business – a hot dog stand called Wolfie’s Hot Dogs. “The land is owned by a guy whose daughter is married to my son. We’re keeping it all in the family,” he laughed.

Although he picked this location based on the family business factor and thinks the location is mediocre, he said that he has no complaints about his Polar Ice and Water station.

“This is a great investment. I could always say, “We could do better” but the summer was even better than I expected. And Terrance has been great about handling any issues that have come up immediately.”

Tom, who sells plenty of Polar Station delicious purified ice, water and sports drinks, says that one of the best things about the station for customers is the convenience. “They love it! They get out of their cars, walk five feet and fill up their containers. It is purer than the water at the grocery store. And nobody in this town has ever seen another business that sells purified ice. They’ve seen purified water, sure – but not ice. We even had to put in a second ice maker over the summer.”

Although he recommends that business owners be handy or have some kind of a basic knowledge of mechanics, as there are some things that come up from time to time, it is not very often.

“But I was the very first one – I was the prototype. And Terrance has been improving the system to fine-tune it all along. I would say that this company has a lot of moral values and character. They are there to take care of any issue that comes up. I have nothing but good things to say about the company.”

Tom added that he recently got to meet a man looking to invest in his own Polar Ice and Water Station who had come to visit him and Terrance, the company’s owner, all the way from Australia. “Obviously, this is something that is needed everywhere!”