No Worries with Polar Station

purified water vending polar station

When people open a bottle of water to drink, they assume the product is safe.  But that isn’t always the case.

According to the Toronto, a Canadian bottled water company called Blue Glass Water Co. Ltd. is now under investigation for supplying bacteria-laced product to Toronto restaurants and wineries.

Last July, Canadian health officials had ordered the company to cease operations after tests revealed bacterial overgrowth heavy enough to mask the detection of such serious bacteria as E.coli and coliform.

Blue Glass Water has denied that it has breached its agreement to end production and continues to state that its product is not only healthy, but that it also contains cancer-fighting properties.  The company is currently in court appealing the shut-down order against it.

At Polar Station, we’re fanatical about ensuring that our water and ice vending machines produce only the purest, safest water available.   Our kiosks, which draw from municipal sources that are strictly regulated by the EPA, come equipped with an 8-stage filtration system that includes:

• a dual gradient micron filter
• a reverse osmosis membrane
• an ultraviolet lamp

What this means is that when consumers buy water products from one of our machines, they can always be assured of refreshment that’s made to the highest standards.  And Polar Station kiosk owners can be assured that what they’re offering their communities is the best possible product.

The bottled water business is a global, billion-dollar industry.  If you’re looking for an investment with healthy returns for you and your clients, Polar Station is it!


Originally posted 2013-10-09 18:53:18.