Why Polar Station Kiosks are Good for Texas

Texas has a variety of different climates. But in general, it’s safe to say that the western half of the state tends more towards aridity while the eastern half tends more towards humidity. Either way, it’s a place where staying well-hydrated, especially during the summer, is essential for the young, the old and everyone in between.

People lose water on a daily basis just by carrying out normal bodily functions such as sweating, exhaling, urinating and excreting. The general rule of thumb for  individuals living in temperate climates is to consume eight cups of water a day. However, the Institute of Medicine recommends that men drink 13 cups while women drink 9.

When the weather gets hot or humid–or hot AND humid as in Texas–then those requirements increase. This is because the body needs to replace water lost due to excess sweating while keeping the body temperature down. And if people exercise in this kind of weather then they need to drink still more water.

In both cases, individuals not only need to get hydrated and cooled down, they also need to take in liquids that help them replenish the sodium that they also lose as they sweat. Our units are the only automated water and ice machines that also can also be configured to dispense JiMax sport drink powders. This is a product that customers can add to Polar Station kiosk purified water-and-ice drinks to create healthful electrolyte-balancing beverages.

The climate in Texas literally makes it one of the thirstiest states in the nation.  That makes it a perfect place for entrepreneurs like you to set up a Polar Station water and ice vendor. Not only will you be making it easier for your fellow Texans to rehydrate, you’ll also be buying a stake in one of the most profitable industries around.  Everyone wins with water.  Why not get started today?

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Originally posted 2012-02-19 20:58:34.