Water Purification Limits Being Tested

The city of Durban, South Africa is a dry place that is also facing a potential water shortage in the next few years. But according to the Daily News online, city officials are making plans to purify sewage into quality drinking water. Their goal is to see 12% of Durban’s water supply eventually come from recycled sewage.


Hard water to soft water
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This may not sound like an especially appealing way to get drinking water. City health experts, however, are quick to point out that “nothing is pure, from the air we breathe to the food we eat.” Moreover, even the high-quality water that currently runs out of city faucets still has chemical pollutants in it, even if only in trace amounts.

Finding a cost-effective way to purify sewage is the biggest challenge officials face. “Black” water, which contains toilet waste, would need the most sophisticated – and expensive – equipment to purify it. “Gray” water, which comes from baths and showers, is much less contaminated and would therefore require less processing.

Officials have set no date as to when such a purification system might be up and running. But the very fact that they are even considering such a move is a reminder of just how precious water is and why everyone needs to do their share to conserve it.

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Originally posted 2013-02-21 17:58:02.