Water-Only Café in New York A Sign of the Times

Tap water has become trendy. If  you’re ever in the visit the East Village are of New York, you can now stop in to Molecule, a café that specializes in serving New York city tap water that has been run through a $20,000 custom-made water filter.

Patrons can come into the café for sips of purified refreshment, served plain or with added vitamins supplements that, in the words of owner Adam Ruhf, “’are based on medicinal herbs and roots from around the world.’”  They can also buy Molecule water in bulk for at-home use.

polar ice vending business
Polar Station Water and Ice Vending!

The café takes pride in the fact that it is a green business. Molecule only uses water that comes from New York City sources. And if patrons want home delivery, café employees will bring bulk-sized containers to them on bicycles.

Ruhf was inspired to open his café because of the positive experiences he has had with purified water. He firmly believes that water helped ease the pain he experienced as a result of two serious car accidents that left him without a spleen and a leg held together with metal pins. As he puts it,  he didn’t want “’toxins [ from unfiltered water] to further inhibit [his] recovery’” as he was healing.

Polar Station water and ice vending machines operate on much the same principles as does the Molecule Café in New York. Our kiosks used only local tap water which then gets processed through our on-site multi-stage filtration system. They dispense water products only in bulk and can also be outfitted to sell great-tasting, electrolyte-replacing Ji-Max sports drink powders.

The purified water industry is experiencing explosive growth and entrepreneurs like Adam Ruhf are riding the wave in fun, interesting and creative new ways. With a Polar Station water and ice vending machine, you too can earn income from a business that not only respects the environment and helps the community, but that’s also a guaranteed moneymaker.  So contact us today and be part of the trend!

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Originally posted 2012-08-17 19:07:26.