Water Crisis in California and Bottle Water Companies Under the Gun

Help the environment with Polar Station.
Help the environment with Polar Station.

Americans take for granted that we’ll always have access to high-quality drinking water when, where and how we want it. But in drought-ravaged California, both residents and businesses are faced with having even greater restrictions than currently exist placed on water usage.

A recent article on the Los Angeles Times website reports that Governor Jerry Brown has unveiled a $1 billion plan that would improve water infrastructure, bring relief to communities especially hard-hit by the drought and protect wildlife.

In fact, things have gotten so bad that, according to cbsnews.com, bottled water companies are now having their practices closely scrutinized by California water officials. One in particular has now been targeted for piping out water from the San Bernardino National Forest.

The company claims that the amount of water it takes is miniscule, about one-fifth of what a typical golf course in Palm Springs uses to water its lawns in a single day. But critics charge that the impact on plants and animals is unknown and needs to be studied more carefully than it has.

Polar Station believes that our first commitment is to the environment. That’s why we believe that part of the way we can conserve both water and other precious resources is by using what we have where we have it.

Our water and ice vending machines use only local sources to create our naturally fresh and delicious products. They also purify onsite using a multi-stage filtration process that eliminates not only trace contaminants but also chlorine. And they only sell in bulk.

Depending on the needs of your community, Polar Station kiosks come in three different varieties. One dispenses water-only, another ice-only and a third water and ice together.

The bottled water industry brings in billions of dollars a year.

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Originally posted 2015-04-23 14:31:23.