The Effect of Global Warming on Water Resources

The last Polar BearMost consumers, or business people, for that matter, don’t automatically think about global warming every time they reach for a bottle of water.  So we at Polar Station have decided to do some water consciousness-raising.

Global warming is the theory of earth’s atmospheric temperature is gradually increasing due to gas emissions, such as the burning of fossil fuels that release excessive carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  Scientists differ on their views about what causes global warming.  But climate change is affecting our water resources, and in ways that may be irreversible.

Consider snowpack, which is the primary source of water for many parts of the world. The increased temperatures associated with global warming may cause the cycle of snowpack accumulation and dispersion to be disrupted and lead to floods and droughts.

Melting glaciers and the polar ice caps have themselves led to increased sea levels.  By the end of this century, scientists expect that the sea will rise another two feet.  This will lead to land loss and flooding along coastal areas as well as an infiltration of seawater into freshwater supplies.

And that’s only the beginning.  But it’s more than enough to make you think about the implications our actions have on our beautiful blue-green world.  It’s certainly impacted how the work we do at Polar Station.

Our water and ice vending machines provide delicious, purified products that spare the environment by using only local municipal water.  Better still, our water and ice require no extra transportation and are only available in bulk.

Less reliance on the petroleum needed to bring our products to market and to bottle/bag them means a smaller carbon footprint.  And a smaller carbon footprint means a decreased contribution to the global warming problem.

Good deeds, like bringing Polar Station to your community, bring their own rewards. Water is the single most popular beverage on the planet.  Your kiosk is virtually guaranteed to pay for itself quickly and become a reliable source of passive income.

With Polar Station brings a win-win-win situation to consumers, the planet and smart investors like you.  Contact us today and let us show you a greener, better way to do business!


Originally posted 2014-10-27 16:37:08.