Taxes on Bottled Water?

The Polar Station MX!
The Polar Station MX!

Chicago has been taxing consumers on bottles of non-carbonated drinking water since 2008. According to a recent article, some media observers are now suggesting that more cities should follow Chicago’s lead because “bottled water’s cost to society far outweighs its benefits.”

The main reasons cited for the introduction of a bottled water tax are – no surprise –  environmental. Landfills are overflowing with recyclable plastic water bottles because, according to article statistics, only 13% of them are repurposed into something else. Moreover, the plastic used to make plastic bottles need the equivalent of 32 to 54 million gallons of oil per year to make them.

Supporters of a bottled water tax believe such a tariff is necessary because it helps defray the costs associated with bottled water pollution. Since its introduction in 2008, Chicago has so far earned $38 million from its tax. A bottled water tax may also curb bottled water consumption itself. When the state of Washington passed such a tax in 2010 (which it later repealed), studies showed that bottled water purchases fell 6.4%.

Polar Station offers a sustainable and reasonable alternative to commercial bottled water and taxes. Using a special onsite multi-filtration system, our water and ice vending machines produce delicious purified water from local municipal sources and only sell in bulk.

The environment benefits in that the machine making these products leaves a much smaller overall carbon footprint than a water bottling facility. And because our products get packaged in large-sized containers and need no transportation, there’s less waste of oil.

Consumers and investors benefit as well. Prices on Polar Station products are correspondingly lower than similar ones found on supermarket shelves. And because water is now the number one beverage worldwide, Polar Station kiosk owners are virtually guaranteed to make back their initial investment quickly and begin collecting on an excellent source of passive income.

At Polar Station, we believe that everyone should have access to purified water products without extra costs that tax the environment or the family pocketbook.

So if you’re looking for an investment that’s good for people, the planet and your bottom line, contact us!

Originally posted 2015-06-26 14:05:06.