Strike Blue Gold with Polar Station Water Purification

Ice vending building optional stucco finish
Optional stucco finish with custom colors available.
Water covers 70% of the Earth’s surface. But did you know that only 3% of that total exists as freshwater, with one-third that being accessible to humans? No wonder this substance so necessary to life has earned the name “blue gold.” This makes water purification important.

Much of the freshwater in the world comes from groundwater resources. According to Mother Nature Network (MNN).com, what concerns cities and countries globally is less the amount of groundwater to go around and more the quality of what’s accessible.

Groundwater is vulnerable to seepage from natural deposits of arsenic and heavy metals. Toxin-producing bacteria can also infiltrate an aquifer as well. And that’s not even counting what humans add every day through pollution.

Municipal water systems in developed countries like the United States do a reasonably good job of offering clean water to customers. But the fact remains that tap water is not purified water, which has undergone extra processing to remove trace contaminants.

Polar Station vending machines offer some of the purest, best-tasting water and ice products available. Our kiosks use a seven-stage filtration system and local sources to create natural hydration everyone will love. Better still, Polar Station vending machines only sell in bulk. And in an age where conservation is the watchword, what could be better?

Our kiosks make an excellent investment. They’re earth-friendly, pay for themselves quickly and provide a steady source of passive income. Open a Polar Station vending machine in your community and strike blue gold today!