Sports Drinks and Polar Station – A Winning Combination!

Polar Station water vending with Jimax Sports Drink
Polar Station water vending with Jimax Sports Drinks.

Everyone knows that water is important to maintaining good health. But sometimes, water alone may not be enough to rejuvenate bodily functions, particularly during the summertime and/or after vigorous workouts.

Enter sports drinks. Unlike water, these beverages are electrolyte-based and contain carbohydrates. When a person sweats heavily, they lose both fluid and electrolytes.  Sports drinks replace these lost elements while also providing carbohydrates to the body’s depleted carb stores . In so doing, they help with muscle recovery and prevent soreness and dehydration while providing increased endurance.

Electrolytes critical to the proper functioning of vital processes in the body include:

  • calcium;
  • magnesium;
  • sodium;
  • potassium;
  • chloride; and
  • phosphate.

These elements help to maintain the acid-alkaline balance required for normal cellular activities and can also carry electrical currents which facilitate the control of hormone and neurotransmitter secretions necessary for the healthy functioning of nerves and muscles. They can also influence processes such as digestion.

Electrolyte beverages–the kind people can make using Polar Station JiMax sports drink powders–reduce the likelihood of dehydration, a condition that can cause muscle weakness, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, cramps and thirst. So when clients visit one of our water and ice vending stations, they can not only get the regular hydration they need but also a product that helps them stay healthy as they exercise or engage in other summertime outdoor activities.

This vending versatility makes Polar Station water and ice vending machines not only great for patrons, but also for investors like you.  Thirsty clients can get low-cost great-tasting purified water that’s made from local sources AND a product that is comparable to–and cheaper than– Gatorade. And you get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re doing something positive for your neighborhood as you generate a source of passive income for yourself.  When you’re ready to be part of health, business and community partnerships that win, contact us!

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Originally posted 2012-06-19 10:30:20.