3 Reasons Polar Purified Water Systems Work for Families

Polar Ice vending machineOur water stations have a patented nine-stage purification process which includes reverse-osmosis filtration, making it easy for everyone to get great-tasting water and ice without the huge expense of a whole-house filter.

Here are some advantages for families:

1. Gallons of Refreshment on the Way to the Game
Taking advantage of a great-tasting purified water dispensing Polar Station makes more sense than ever to the average family as we offer the Jimax sports drink packets. These packets will each mix up to make make a gallon of a sports drink comparable to Gatorade with ultra-clean water and fresh, great tasting water and ice all in one spot. No more lugging ice and gallons upon gallons of purified water home from the grocery store the night before and struggling to find a place to store it. Soccer moms can stop off at our water stations and fill up coolers and jugs on the way with no extra fuss. This sports drink option makes game day so easy, you are sure to see your profits increase at each station.

2. Unbeatable Savings
Food, gas, housing – it seems like the price of everything is on the rise these days. Families who want great-tasting clean water for cooking and drinking at home will love finding one way to save by having lots of great-tasting water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water from the store. Our filtration system improves taste by removing the chlorine that helped clean the water at the municipal source, and most people now realize that bottled water from the store is usually nothing more than purified municipal water. One difference between buying bottled, and buying from a Polar Ice & Water station is that unlike the mysteries of buying bottled water at the store, our purification system leaves no question what the consumer is getting, and it is great for the environment, saving plastic, gas to transport bottles, and all that money spent on hype and pretty labels.

3. Peace of Mind
It seems like everyone wants to avoid BPA, which is supersaturated inside commercial bottled water containers and can leach out into the water with the heat, or with re-use. Instead, by buying a hard plastic, BPA-free dispensing container that can be refilled at one of our water stations, families don’t have to worry about wasting any bottles that get left inside cars. The water is so affordable that most people will buy much more than they would at the store as well.

You have nothing to lose with a venture like this! Call us today at (636) 614-2832 for more information on opening your own Polar Ice & Water business!

Call us at (636) 614-2832 for free information on owning a Polar Station Ice and Water Vending business.

Originally posted 2012-09-11 11:08:59.