Purified Water Makes Great Tea

Water is one of the healthiest drinks you can have. Coming in a close second is tea, which is  also the most-consumed beverage after water. A cup of this brewed favorite not only helps reduce stress, but also improves overall health and well-being.

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People have been drinking tea for at least 5000 years. The Chinese are credited with being the first to have made tea-drinking a major part of their culture and developing methods used to brew it, many of which are still in existence today.

The West became acquainted with this beverage through the Dutch, who brought it back from China at the end of the sixteenth century. Tea required boiling water to make it, so as a beverage, it was the safest thing individuals could drink at a time when most of the potable water available was unclean. It also kept people sober where beer and wine, the two main European beverage staples at the time, made people intoxicated.

True teas—such as black tea, green tea and white tea—are made from the leaves of the plant called Camillia sinensis. How the leaves are cured and the teas brewed accounts for differences between them. True teas and tea blends such as perennial favorites Earl Grey and Darjeeling, are high in antioxidants. Medicine Net.com defines antioxidants as substances that “reduce damage due to oxygen such as that caused by free radicals [which are themselves] reactive chemicals that [modify] chemical structures.”

While drinking tea can help reduce tension, true teas do contain small amounts of caffeine. If you are caffeine sensitive or want to reduce your overall caffeine consumption, try drinking herbal teas such as those derived from the leaves of mint or chamomile plants. 

Whatever tea you choose, brewing it with the kind of quality purified water you’ll find at every Polar Station water and ice vending outlet makes for an even healthier drink. Enjoy!

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