Maintain Water Security with Polar Station Water Purification Systems

Tom Menke and crew opening up his Polar Station location in St. Louis
Tom Menke and crew opening up his Polar Station location in St. Louis
Clean water is a very vulnerable resource, especially from the standpoint of safety and security. In fact, according to a recent press release, the United Nations has declared that universal water security should be one of the post-2015 international development targets for governments around the world.

One of the major ongoing threats to the water supply – in addition to an ever-growing human population – is contamination. This can occur as a result of industrial and agricultural activities as well through natural processes that involve such elemental toxins as arsenic, boron and selenium.

Other less-discussed threats come from natural disasters and possible terrorist attacks. Establishment of secure water containment facilities and backup water supplies that can be used in emergencies are an important aspect of water security.

Polar Station water and ice vending machines help protect the water supply and ensure its purity. Our kiosks employ a multi-stage filtration system that helps remove chlorine and other possible contaminants from the municipal water sources they use. And because they produce everything on-site and only sell in bulk, they don’t waste other precious resources like oil.

So when you invest in of our water and ice vending machines, you’re not only offering your community a delicious, low-cost alternative to regular bottled water. You’re also providing a way for consumers to get water that’s as healthy as it is safe. Let us show you how you can make a difference with a passive-income business that’s good for people and for your bottom line. Contact us today!

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