Polar Station Purified Water to Go on the Cutting Edge

Everyone drinks water!
Everyone drinks water!
Bottled water continues to incur the wrath of various organizations around the country.

Earlier this year, more than 90 colleges, including Harvard University, banned or restricted the use of plastic water bottles. Hurricane Sandy, however, is showing that there is an obvious place for bottled water or at least packaged water, as the hard hit areas of New York and New Jersey in which the regular water supply has been unavailable, are finding. Bottled water companies and other suppliers are donating hundreds of thousands bottles of water to needy residents who are without. This is a positive thing.

However, the pollution angle of water bottles is still a problem, considering the large volume of bottled water consumed throughout the country. There is little need for this in the normal course of daily affairs and the practice is becoming increasingly unpopular. Also, that Americans are getting sold back to them their own tap water at a premium price is not a happy thought.

Reusable packaging is the ultimate way to go and this is where Polar Station shines. You can get the best of purified water and ice without the environmental and economic impact of disposing of empty bottles everyday.

Owners of Polar Station systems like Tom Menke and Greg Murray get compliments from their customers about the taste of Polar Station purified water and ice. Particularly the ice because you can’t purchase it anywhere else. No one else sells purified ice that we know of.

So you are on the cutting edge of the 9.1 billion gallon bottled water industry. And even though there are rising voices against the waste, the industry grew from 2011 to 2012 by 4.2%. Right now, the average American drinks over 29 gallons of bottled water every year.

Investing in a Polar Station purified Water and Ice system may be the best investment you ever made. Everyone drinks water.

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Originally posted 2012-11-07 16:09:23.