Polar Station Purified Water a Future Trend

Recycling symbol Fresh water is the single most precious resource on Earth. As a recent article on Mother Nature Network.com reports, though, global warming is making it more and more challenging for countries around the world to preserve the fresh water sources they have.

In the coming decades, scientists expect that climate change will intensify what is known as the water cycle – the process by which water travels between the oceans, land and atmosphere – by increasing evaporation. This in turn will likely change weather patterns worldwide and may cause water shortages in different areas.

The good news is that water conservation is on the rise. In the United States, for example, irrigation systems, industrial processes and everyday appliances and conveniences such as washing machines and toilets are using less water. And countries everywhere are seeking more and more to reuse treated wastewater.

At Polar Station, we do our part to use planetary water resources wisely. Our water and ice vending machines use an on-site filtration system to create delicious purified water and ice that use only local sources. By cutting out processing and transportation costs, our kiosks make delicious bottled water that is cheaper to buy and less damaging to the environment. Our purified is a real treat, too.

When you invest in Polar Station kiosk, you’re doing something that’s good for your community and your bottom line and that makes the most of a resource we can’t afford to waste. Contact us today and be part of a water conservation solution!

Originally posted 2013-03-08 17:14:32.