Polar Station: On the Leading Edge of Sustainability

Polar Station Water and Ice Vending
Polar Station Purified Water and Ice Vending

Polar Station knows that sustainability has become the buzzword of the new millennium.  So whenever we learn about innovations that — like our self-contained water and ice vending machines — spare the earth, we’re always keen to pass on the good news.

A recent New York Times article reports that engineers at a California company called WaterFX have developed a giant solar-powered receiver they are using to generate heat for water desalination purposes.  They will use it to tap into the plentiful, but also contaminated, groundwater that lies just below the surface of the state’s drought-stricken Central Valley region.

What’s so remarkable about this technology is that it has the potential to purify drainage water tainted with toxic levels of salt (as well as selenium and other heavy metals) at half the cost of traditional desalination methods which rely heavily on electricity, a non-renewable resource.

If proven commercially viable, this technique could help farmers better cope with worsening water shortages.  It would also help hold down the rising price of agricultural products for consumers as well.

Like WaterFX, Polar Station uses materials available at hand to fill consumer need.  Using a multi-stage filtration system that purifies, softens and dechlorinates, our kiosks process municipal water to create water that’s as pure as it is delicious.

What this means for the earth is less waste.  Because our products are produced onsite, there’s no need for transportation.  And because Polar Station kiosks dispense in bulk, there’s less need for plastic, and the manufacturing that goes with it, and less potential for pollution.

The bottled water industry is multi-billion dollar a year business.  A Polar Station water and ice vending machine not only lets you stake a claim in an earth-friendly business but also one that pays for itself quickly and generates a steady income.

So what are you waiting for?  Become part of a business trend that is not only profitable but is the shape of things to come in the twenty-first century: contact us today!