The Polar Station MX is Here!!!

The first installation of our new Polar Station MX
purified ice and water vending station

Polar Station has developed a brand new model and it is now ready for installation in your town or city.

The Polar Station MX is a new, smaller footprint version of our regular Polar Station purified water and ice vending station. It comes with the same great purification system that our regular MM model has.

Here are the MX facts:

  • The footprint of the MX model is 11′ long x 7.5″ wide.
  • It comes standard with a stucco finish.
  • The exterior colors can be customized.
  • It can be setup for purified ice vending only or both purified ice & water vending.
  • It stores approximately 1,100 lb of ice and comes standard with one 1,900 lb ice maker.
  • The MX model’s ice production can be expanded up to 7,600 lb per day with four ice makers.

For more information about the MX, contact us at Polar Station by either calling (636) 614-2832 or using our email form on this page.

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