Polar Station Kiosks: Bottled Water AND the Environment

Despite the increasing attention the media is placing on the problem small plastic water bottles can cause to the environment, many consumers still believe that bottled water itself is a healthy, green choice.  It’s certainly better than soda, but how most bottled water is produced and how it’s packaged leaves much to be desired.

The fact is that bottled water companies are not required to tell their customers where their water comes from, how and if it is purified and if it is just bottled tap water.  This is not the case where public water utilities are concerned. They are required by law to provide quality assurance to the people they serve.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which regulates public water utilities, has stated on its website that bottled water is not necessarily safer than tap water.  They have further stated that consumers should be wary of what they buy because some bottled water is treated more than tap water while some is treated less or not at all.

Health concerns aside, consumers throw away an estimated 60 million plastic water bottles every day, most of which are never recycled. Because plastic is nonbiodegradable, those water bottles usually end up as litter or in landfills. Worse still, the bottles can leach chemicals especially if the plastic is cracked or damaged. And all of this doesn’t even take into account the millions of barrels of oil that are needed just to to produce plastic in the first place.

Our Polar Station Kiosks draw from local sources so consumers know exactly where the most important ingredient in their products is coming from and that it has passed basic quality assurance testing. The kiosks themselves house a multi-filtration system that includes:

  • two dual gradient micron filters,
  •  a water softener,
  • a high-volume dechlorinator,
  • a reverse osmosis membrane,
  • a polishing filter,
  • an ultraviolet lamp.

Since our vending stations only sell in bulk, the amount of plastic necessary to package our purified water is far less than what is required for the same smaller-sized products you might find at your local grocery store.

Bottled water is a multibillion dollar industry that only continues to grow. You can be part of it too but in a way that’s better and healthier for consumers and that helps rather than hurts the environment.  Make an investment in a business that’s good for your community, the earth and you. Contact us today!

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Photo credit: Keattikorn