Polar Station Kiosks and the Bulk-Buying Trend

Purified water vending machine
Customer selects 1, 3, or 5 gallons of purified water and optional free bottle rinse with hot UV flush.

The economic downturn has caused many consumers to buy in bulk to save money. This has been especially true where food sales are concerned. Grocery and retail outlets such as Costco have seen a dramatic increase in sales; and more and more natural food stores are selling dry goods such as flour, grains, beans and spices in bulk.

Bulk-buying offers three other major advantages. They include:

  • Lower overall prices –  When a consumer buys in bulk, they get more product for their money. This is because what they are paying for doesn’t include individual packaging, labeling and advertising.
  • Earth friendliness – Statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show that Americans generate about 80 million tons of waste from packaging and containers every year. This constitutes about one-third about country’s municipal solid waste. Buying in bulk and reusing storage containers where possible reduces landfill problems and keeps the earth greener.
  • A no-waste way to buy different foods and beverages –  Items sold in bulk at a grocery store give consumers the flexibility to purchase as little or as much of a product as they want. That means they can experiment with small quantities or buy in larger ones and store what they don’t use right away.

Polar Station kiosks sell two other important food items–water and ice–in bulk. Our vending stations offer consumers tasty, purified water (in one, five and 10 gallon sizes) and ice (in 12 and 20-pound bags) that they can store and use as needed. The kiosk itself relies on local water sources, which means that in consumers know what they’re getting and don’t have to pay extra for energy-wasters such as transportation and expensive off-site filtration processes.

While the product doesn’t cost much to the consumer, kiosk owners still make good profits over time. And that’s because the products are not only of the highest quality, but also something that people need, want and use on a daily basis. And when word of something this good gets around, buyers follow. So if you want to make an investment that’s on the leading edge of one of the hottest consumer trends around, look no further than Polar Station kiosks.

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Originally posted 2012-04-02 11:56:43.