Lessening Water System Modernization Perils with Polar Station

purified water

The water systems that supply water into most American homes, some of which pre-date the twentieth century, are in need of replacement.  While some cities like Chicago are working hard to get this accomplished they’re also finding that replacement brings with it its own set of potentially hazardous problems.

According to an article on the Chicago Tribune website, the EPA has recently discovered that new water mains installed on Chicago’s North Side are interfering with anti-lead protections in older pipes.  This in turn has caused elevated levels of lead to inadvertently leach into tap water.

What’s especially disturbing is that under federal rules, utility companies are rarely required to warn residents that repair work is being done or to let them know what steps they can take to lessen their exposure to possible lead contamination.

The EPA has strict rules on drinking water purity and keeps a vigilant eye on all public water systems.  But as events in Chicago indicate, the unexpected can and does happen, and will continue to occur as water mains and meters around the country continue to get replaced.

Polar Station water and ice vending machines not only provide top-quality natural refreshment for beleaguered consumers, they also offer an added measure of drinking water security.

Our kiosks use municipal water as the base of all Polar Station purified water products.  But we also use an 8-stage filtration system to help filter out harmful contaminants including heavy metals and chlorine.

So when consumers purchase our delicious water and ice, they’re not only buying thirst-quenching goodness.   They’re also buying greater peace of mind for themselves and their families.

Investing in a Polar Station kiosk isn’t just a smart thing to do.  It’s a way for you to help contribute to the well-being of your community, too.  And because bottled water is now the beverage of choice worldwide, you’re virtually guaranteed quick returns.

Do good, get good in return – what more could a savvy investor ask for? Contact Polar Station today and let us show you the watery way to business success!


Originally posted 2013-10-29 17:51:31.