Hydrogen-powered Car Produces Drinkable Water

Hydrogen Powered CarCars are one of the most worst, most ubiquitous polluters on the planet.  But soon, they may end up producing some of the water we drink.

According to The Weather Network.com, car manufacturer Honda has just begun promoting the world’s first mass-produced vehicle that runs on compressed hydrogen instead of gas.  Its H20 emissions are so clean you can drink them.

As part of its advertising campaign, Honda Australia has actually bottled the water its vehicles produce through their exhaust systems and begun distributing it in movie theatres around the country.  The company also plans to make the beverage available at Honda Australia dealerships and service stations.

This remarkable innovation, which comes from the heart of an industry that’s been among the slowest to change, shows that sustainability isn’t just a buzzword.  It’s now become the primary way of manufacturers and businesses are operating worldwide.

Polar Station water and ice vending machines are also designed with sustainability in mind.  Our kiosks use local, municipal water sources to create delicious, great-tasting water products.  And because Polar Stations only sell in bulk, there’s less waste to pollute the environment.

Consumers benefit, too.  No added transportation and processing costs means a product that’s less expensive to buy.  And because Polar Stations are self-regulating, owners can factor out employee costs and focus instead on making profits.

Water is part of a multi-billion dollar industry and the beverage choice worldwide.  So if you’re looking for a refreshing new way to earn a reliable source of passive income, let us show you how Polar Station can green your community, and bottom line, today!