Home Delivery of Bottled Water a Hot Trend

polar station vending station

Ever since the 1920s, companies like Sparkletts have brought bottles of purified water to consumer doorsteps.  But, and thanks to the boom in online shopping, home bottled water deliveries are up.  Way up.

In an interview with the Financial Times online, Nestle Waters of North America CEO Tim Brown recently called this trend “the new frontier.”  And he’s right.

Half of Nestle’s delivery orders and 70% of new delivery orders come from the Internet or its mobile apps.  And Nestle itself says that home delivery now accounts for 17% of US sales, which are on track to hit the four billion dollar mark this year alone.

These statistics not only show that as Americans have become thirstier for water, they’ve also become more desirous for easy access to it.  And supermarkets are no longer perceived as centers of convenience.

This is where Polar Station water and ice vending machines come in.  Our kiosks are community installations that allow consumers to get the purified water they want when they want it close to home.

Better still, our machines are earth-friendly.  Not only do they use water from local municipal resources, they also sell in bulk.  That means far less waste of precious resources like oil, and a much smaller carbon footprint overall.

It’s not doorstep delivery, but it’s much less expensive and hazardous to the environment, two things consumers also appreciate.  And Polar Station water is just as delicious, if not better, than what delivery companies can offer.

So if you’re looking to invest in a green business that is part of a billion-dollar industry that is also responsive to consumer demand for greater convenience, Polar Station is it.  Let us show you the way to earn healthy profits from riding the crest of the bottled water trend: contact us today!


Originally posted 2014-01-08 16:10:03.