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Polar Station Water and Ice Vending
Polar Station Water and Ice Vending
In the U.S. per recent statistics, bottled water has now become a $15 billion per year thriving industry with Aquafina and Dassani (Pepsi and Coke) dominating with roughly 50% of the market.  Considering that if your monthly water bill was charged at the same rate as the cost of the cheapest bottled water, you would be paying $9,000 a month, there is obviously some potential for competition in this lucrative business. Well, there are green alternatives to bottled water, too.

This is where Polar Station Purified Water and Ice Vending stations come into the picture.  By providing a convenient, environmentally-sound alternative to bottled water, at a fraction of the cost to your customers, Polar Station owners set themselves up as local heroes.  Rather than putting money in the pockets of the large cola companies or Nestle, consumers can keep the money themselves.  The cola companies apparently made $336 million in profit each last year on their bottled water sales.

Better yet, Polar Station water and ice is purified.

Local water goes through 2- 20″ dual gradient micron filters, a digital water softener, a high volume dechlorinator, a reverse osmosis membrane, a 5 GPM ultraviolet lamp and a 10″ polishing filter before it hits the bottle or ice maker. The result is water that is fresh tasting and clean and makes the most of local water resources.

Polar Station also has the option of providing JiMax sports drinks.

So if you want to get into the multi-billion dollar water industry, Polar Station is a great investment opportunity.  Water is going to be with us a long time.  Last year 2.6 billion cases of bottled water were sold in this country and despite the environmental and economic bad news bottled water is taking, this industry is thriving.

If you are looking for business with growth potential, Polar Station is worth looking into. Just look at what one of our owners has to say about his purified water and ice business.

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Originally posted 2012-11-27 12:48:15.