Doing Good Through Bottled Water

Maine landscapeBottled water often gets a bad rap in the media because of how it’s linked to pollution and environmental degradation.  But a recent article in the Associated Press (AP) shows how bottled water can actually benefit both people and communities.

Indian Township, Maine, which includes Passamaquoddy tribal lands, suffers from economic challenges typical of Indian reservations, including rampant unemployment.  Statistics show the jobless rate among Natives to be a staggering 60%.

The one thing Indian Township does have in abundance is natural spring water.  Now tribal leaders are working on a plan that would allow them to bottle and sell this natural resource to customers outside of the reservation.  In fact, they have located an investor and hope to close a deal by early 2014.

The processing plant leaders envision will provide much-needed, good-paying jobs and generate enough revenue to help fund such community improvement projects as tribal schools and an assisted living center.

Better still, it is being designed to minimize environmental impact.  The plant will be close to a major highway and use water from rain and snowmelt-fed sources rather than tap into underground aquifers.

Like the Passamaquoddy Indians, we at Polar Station believe that making money from water really can be done conscientiously.  Our water and ice vending machines use only local municipal resources and do all filtration on-site.  And they only sell in bulk.

Because our kiosks are self-maintaining, they require no employees to run them.  This means that all profits go directly to kiosk owners.  So if you’re looking to invest in a green business that’s part of a booming multibillion-dollar a year industry, look no further.  Polar Station is it!


Originally posted 2013-12-10 17:22:08.