Five More Ways to Use Polar Station Ice

Use Polar Station Ice!Everybody knows that purified water has a lot of uses.  That’s just one reason why owning a Polar Station water and ice vending kiosk makes good business sense.  Consumers can use the product for cooking, gardening or cleaning, or give to pets–and that’s just for starters.

They can also buy purified ice, too, either with the water or by itself to cool down a beverage, refreigerate an ice chest or ease the pain of burns or sore muscles. But did you know that it can also come in handy for doing other helpful things around the house?

With a few cubes of ice you can:

  • Clear out a sluggish garbage disposal– Put some cubes in the disposal unit and turn it on:  crunching the ice will usually push through whatever may be blocking it.
  • Water potted plants slowly to prevent overflow and spillage – Two or three cubes in a pot can sometimes be a much easier, more efficient way to hydrate a houseplant.
  • Remove chewing gum from clothing or carpet – Rub an ice cube over a gummed-over area until the gun actually freezes: then you can remove it easily and with no damage to the fabric.
  • Give your overweight dog a calorie-free treat – Canines love the crunch. They’ll also appreciate the cool hydration ice provides during the dog days of summer.
  • Smooth a caulk seam – Rather than use your finger to make a smooth, even seam, run an ice cube along the caulk line for cleaner results.

Polar Station vending outlets automatically purify water that comes from the supply systems in your area and freeze it on-site. That makes for a business that’s not only local, but environmentally friendly since no transportation costs are involved.

What consumers get are high-quality products that are healthy for the body, cool to the taste and easy on the wallet– and unbeatable combination!  And what you get in return is a feel-good business that’s also an excellent source of passive income. Make the investment today and you’ll see that it’s a cool idea.

Photo credit: Suat Eman
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