Fight Hard Water the Polar Station Way

Hard water to soft water
Getting soft water is paramount to many people, so a Polar Station Water Vending business can see great demand.
Many areas are known for their hard water.  That’s just one of the reasons why owning and operating a Polar Station water vending kiosk makes sense: there are a lot of people looking for good sources of “softened” water they can use not only for drinking, but for other everyday activities as well.

Hard water is formed when rainwater dissolved carbon dioxide and other impurities from the air while falling to the earth. When it finally hits the ground, that same rainwater can get even harder by dissolving calcium and magnesium salts as it soaks through the earth and runs off into rivers or lakes and collects in reservoirs or wells.

This type of water, while not toxic, can still cause many problems. If clothes are washed in hard water, fabric “life expectancy” can be lowered by as much as 40% because the minerals mixed within the dirt combine with those present in hard water. This kind of “mingling” makes it impossible to remove the minerals and lessens the overall life of the fabric. Moreover, the fabric itself becomes rough and scratchy.

Dishes and other kitchen utensils that come in contact with hard water can develop spots. Humans who bathe in hot water will develop a sticky later on their skin and hair which can sometimes cause irritation. And the pipes that deliver hard water into a home can become encrusted with minerals. This in turn causes blockages, reduce energy efficiency and raise energy bills as much as 25%.

Hard water can also affect plants, particularly those that grow in containers. Whenever it’s used for irrigation, the hard water deposits small amounts of lime in the soil. Over time, the accumulated lime will increase the pH of the soil in which the plants live. Plants that do well in acidic environments will typically be most affected by higher pH levels. Hard water won’t kill them, but it will make these sensitive plants turn yellow and look very unhealthy.

Polar Station water vending kiosks use a multiple water filtration system that also softens water. So consumers benefit in two ways: they get water that’s not only been detoxified but also de-mineralized. Owners benefit, too—their kiosks supply families and other businesses with pure, clean water and profits to boot. What more could anyone ask from a business?

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