Who’s Drinking Bottled Water: A Snapshot

polar station-child drinking bottled waterIn the last decade, consumers all over the United States have been turning more and more to bottled water rather than opting for once popular carbonated soft drinks.  But just who are these people?

According to a recent article on cspnet.com, they are a broad-ranging group.  In general, they tend to be adults.  Marketing research reveals that 60 million American adults consume at least one bottle of water daily per week.

Frequent drinkers of bottled water also tend to be younger than the adult population as a whole.  Typically, they fall within the 35 to 44-year-old age group.  Younger adults also show greater interest in staying physically fit and are also more likely to supplement water consumption with thirst-quencher/activity drinks.

Individuals who drink relatively large amounts of bottled water tend to be part of a multicultural population segment.  They are 31% more likely than average to be Hispanic and 36% more likely to be African American.

That this demographic is multicultural means that the people in it are more likely to live in households with children under the age of 18.  This means they tend to live in large households and be relatively big spenders in grocery stores.

So what does this means for Polar Station investors like you?  First, that our machines, which use only locally sourced water, are almost sure to be a hit wherever you place them.  The kiosks pay for themselves quickly and then become a steady source of passive income.

It also means that our JiMax sports powders – which come in blue raspberry, orange, lemon-lime and fruit punch – make for an excellent (and delicious) add-on feature. People can purchase them at the same time they buy our pure and natural water products and add them for electrolyte enhancement.

Smart consumers everywhere clamor for the fresh taste of purified water.  So do yourself, your community and your bottom line a favor: invest in Polar Station today!


Originally posted 2014-07-23 16:30:49.