Changing Water Consumption Habits Now “a Cultural Thing”

Polar Station ice vending building awningOne of the more positive things that the media has been trying to do in the last few years is create greater awareness about sustainability issues particularly where water consumption habits are concerned.  And the good news is that consumers everywhere are starting to make green changes, like reducing or eliminating how much bottled water they purchase.

But the news gets even better. Now, even very young people are rising to the challenge of trying to actively create new and innovative ways of breaking the bottled water habit that so many people have gotten themselves into over the last two decades.

The CBC online reports that a high school student in Edmonton, Canada, has recently won a $70,000 scholarship “for [an] environmental project she created at her school” that targeted what she saw as wasteful consumption practices. Her idea involved giving “each of the school’s 1,100 students… a biodegradable container to fill [with water from] a special water fountain that [she] helped bring to her school.”

The fountain itself was equipped with a special meter that showed users how many bottles they were preventing from going into an Edmonton-area landfill. The most recent reading indicates that “students have saved more than 8,000 bottles” from piling up in such dump sites.

Although our Polar Station kiosks don’t have similar meters installed, their presence in a community can serve as a powerful reminder to consumers that greener alternatives to bottled water do exist. Our machines create delicious water and ice products from local sources and purify on-site. And they only sell in bulk, which reduces the need for plastic containers and lessens the impact on the environment.

As the Edmonton student’s prize-winning project shows, caring for resources is not only a good idea, it also brings good to everyone involved. The student will be able to afford college while her peers will become more educated stewards of the environment.  Your own investment in a Polar Station kiosk will also benefit you financially while helping your community preserve precious natural resources.  Take a tip from a student and show your support for a greener tomorrow: contact us today!

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Originally posted 2012-04-30 12:30:53.