Bottled Water Less Wasteful Than Other Water-Based Beverages

Bottled waterEnvironmental groups have long charged that bottled water is wasteful because of its packaging. The plastic bottles it usually comes in are made with petroleum.  And when consumers are done with the almost 50 billion they use per year, they usually wind up in landfills or as litter.

Now another organization, the Water Footprint Network (WFN), has joined in the ongoing debate over bottled water.  According to, WFN claims that the amount of water that goes into making a bottle could be as much as six or seven times the amount that is actually inside.

In response, the International Bottle Water Association (IBWA) commissioned a study to see just how much water goes into producing one liter.  The results, which were released in October, show that North American companies typically use 1.39 liters of water to make one liter of product.

While that may sound like a lot, it actually isn’t, especially when global averages for other water-based drinks get considered.  Here are some statistics:

Beverage type                         Amount of water needed

soda water                               2.02 liters
beer                                           4 liters
wine                                           4.74 liters
hard alcohol                             34.55 liters

Despite the bad rap it often gets, bottled water makes the most efficient use of its main ingredient than do other beverages.  And in an age where conservation is the watchword, that’s a good thing.

Of course, the container problem still persists.  But for Polar Station water and ice vending machines, which only sell in bulk, that’s much less of an issue.  Our vending machines sell purified water in 1, 3 or 5 gallon bottles and purified ice in 12 or 20 pound bags.

Better still, because our kiosks use only local sources, no fuel gets expended in the actual transportation of the product.  That means a smaller carbon footprint and greater savings for consumers.

What this means for investors like you is a business opportunity that’s green in more ways than one.  Not only do Polar Station water and ice vending machines spare the environment, they’re also part of a 15 billion-dollar-a-year industry that just keeps on growing.

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Originally posted 2013-11-20 13:53:40.