Be Part of Positive Change by Investing in a Polar Station Kiosk

ice vending bag fill up
The viewing window allows customers to watch as their bag is filled with ice.

Personal change is the mantra for 2012.  Take, for example, the current consumer obsession with health and fitness.  According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 65% of adults are overweight or obese. Americans know they need to take better care of themselves and are exploring better eating alternatives–such as as vegetarianism and veganism–and adding traditional and non-traditional forms of exercise–such as running and Zumba–to their daily routines.

Water is the ideal complement to healthier meals and sweaty workouts. It’s 100% sugarless, calorie-free hydration that everyone needs and loves. Polar Station kiosks make this perfect beverage even more so by returning it to its most pristine state before consumers buy it. Our vending machines produce water and ice–all from local sources–that undergo a rigorous nine-step purification process that removes all microbes, contaminants and hard-water producing minerals.  The result is some of the purest, most delicious hydration you’ll find anywhere.

When you invest in a kiosk, you are providing your community with the means to enact positive change in their lives. Better still, you’re also making the most of local resources and encouraging others to do the same. Polar Station products cost less than what consumers are likely to find in the supermarket because such factors as transportation  costs don’t come into play.  This means that when people buy water and ice to accompany their healthier lifestyles, they’re also helping to make the earth a greener place.

Our vending kiosks will enhance your life as well. A Polar Station unit is self-contained, self-operating and requires minimal maintenance. Better still, it’s extremely affordable, pays for itself quickly and can provide you with a reliable source of secondary income. Let change be your mantra for 2012. Contact us to get started in profitable, socially responsible new business today!

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Originally posted 2012-03-05 09:17:16.