Polar Station – Alternatives to Buying Bottled Water

Mountains of water bottlesThere’s no doubt about it. America’s thirst for bottled water just keeps on growing. The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), in conjunction with the research and consulting firm Beverage Marketing Corporation (BMC), reports that consumption of bottled water went up by 6.2% during 2012.

Americans drank 9.67 billion gallons of bottled water last year, up from 9.1 billion in 2011. That’s not just a lot of water; it’s also is the strongest consumption growth uptick in five years. What’s more, bottled water increased in absolute volume more than any other beverage category in the United States.

All of this consumption has translated into healthy profits for the bottled water industry. In 2012, bottled water sales increased by 6.7% and now total almost $12 billion. And according to BMC, bottled water has not only become a key player in the beverage market. It stands poised to garner future increases in per capita consumption, which promises even more profit.

In the meantime, the industry has grown increasingly mindful of the environmental impact of its products. All bottled water containers are now 100% recyclable and many are made from recycled plastic. Moreover, they are also using less PET resin – the lightweight plastic material used to make bottles – in manufacturing of their containers.

Polar Station water and ice vending machines are ahead of the curve. Our kiosks sell only in bulk, which means less waste of the resources used to make bottles. And since our machines only sell water from local sources that has been purified on-site, our products save on another important resource, oil. The bottled water in stores has to get transported in; ours does not.

What this means for consumers is water that’s lower in cost and that’s more environmentally friendly than what they’ll find at the supermarket. And for kiosk operators, it means is a business that’s not only green, but also a reliable source of revenue. With so much going for it, who wouldn’t want invest in a Polar Station machine? Let us show you the way to healthy profits: contact us today!