7 Facts about Water

Glass of waterMay is National Drinking Water Month.  To celebrate, we at Polar Station would like to share some fun and interesting facts about the most important liquid on Earth.

FACT #1:

Water makes up 70% of human body weight and 80% of human brain tissue.

FACT #2:

By the time someone feels thirst, that person has lost more than 1% of his or her total water reserve.

FACT #3:

Drinking water can help with weight loss because it helps increase metabolism.  This in turn helps burn calories more quickly.

FACT #4:

Good hydration can help reduce tooth decay. Water helps produce saliva, which keeps teeth, gums and mouth clean.

FACT #5:

Staying properly hydrated can prevent arthritis.  Good water levels in the body means less friction in your joints, which lessens the chance of developing arthritis.

FACT #6:

Drinking enough water on a daily basis can reduce the incidence of two of America’s leading causes of death: cancer and heart disease.  Water flushes toxins out of the body, which means a lessened chance they will come into contact with delicate internal organs.

FACT #7:

Earth contains the same amount of water that was present when the planet originally formed.

Another fact is that Polar Station water and ice vending machines are an environmentally friendly way for consumers to enjoy delicious, all-natural hydration.  Our kiosks use municipal water sources and a multi-filtration system to create water products that are good for communities everywhere.

Polar Station investors benefit, too.  Water has become the single most popular beverage not just in the US, but worldwide.  So our kiosks pay for themselves in a short time and create a steady stream of passive income for owners.

Water is as essential as air and as old as the Earth.  Now, it’s also one of the hottest consumer trends on the planet.  Let us help you strike liquid gold: contact us today!


Originally posted 2014-05-21 17:45:44.