“It really is an easy business!”

Greg Murray is the proud owner of two brand new Polar Ice and Water Stations in Topeka, Kansas.

And after two years figuring out this is something he wanted to do, he can’t say enough good things about the business.

Polar Ice vending machine 3
A Polar Ice and Water Vending Machine
“Terrance Hamilton, Polar Station’s owner, has been amazing throughout the entire process. My first Polar Ice and Water Station opened June 1st of this year and my second station opened over Labor Day. It was well worth all of the time I spent thinking and planning to open my business!”

A Polar Ice and Water station seemed like the perfect business opportunity to Greg because it is the first water and ice kiosk in Topeka. Also because this type of business appeals to the local government and it is very easy to get it approved in any municipality.

As far as investment opportunities go, he has had to do almost no work other than installing the stations.

“It’s already taking off and it’s been solely through word of mouth. I have both of my stations set up in shopping centers but I have done zero advertising. I want to put some flags up to draw attention to them and get into some advertising by next summer,” Greg enthused.

The response to the ice and vending machines has been fantastic.

“Most people say, ‘I’ve seen this in other cities but never in Topeka. This is great!’ Also, the ice tastes so good I have had ladies tell me that they will just buy the ice and take it home for all their drinks. Everything tastes better – your drinks, your iced tea – you can actually see the bottom of your glass. Even my bank buys all their ice from my stations now,” he added.

On top of that, Greg says that whenever his children have the chance, they are eating the ice instead of asking for drinks, because it tastes so good. He also thinks that the convenience factor makes it much more appealing to customers than having to lug containers to the back of a store.

“It’s really nice for people to just pull right up to the station and get out, get their ice and water and go home. It’s much faster and easier.”

Greg added that Terrance wants to make sure Polar Station’s products are the best out there and he is always improving the system. Greg told us that Terrance is even working on setting up an iPhone app – a way to reset the station’s system from your computer or phone.

“I am looking forward to that – although I haven’t had many issues. In fact, in the three months since I got my first station, they tweaked any problem that had occurred with my first station and my second station has had no problems whatsoever.

“It really is an easy business!”